Who We Are

Cornerstone is owned and directed by Drs. John Estelle and Michelle Estelle. We are both licensed Clinical Psychologists who also hold Master’s Degrees in Theology. We are a husband-and-wife team who are partners in business as well as family life. As we work hard to nurture our relationship and parent three children, we truly understand the realities of family life. Though challenging at times, it is truly possible to enjoy the benefits of your thoughtful investment into family relationships and life of partnership.


Michelle M.H. Estelle, Ph. D.

“I believe that hope, perseverance, and a willingness to work toward self understanding are key elements to the change process. Intentionally defining one’s lifestyle results in the power to face the future and move forward in life. As a therapist, I strive to encourage and inspire my clients. I help them clarify their goals and focus on their strengths and positive solutions. As a Christian, I trust Jesus Christ to use my clinical skills to bring about healing from painful life experiences.”

A Lifetime Commitment to Learning.

“Education is a lifelong process. This is why I will continue to learn about the latest research and techniques in clinical psychology and incorporate them into my everyday skills, so that my clients will always have the benefit of leading-edge information about mental health. I attained a master’s degree in Theology as well as a doctorate in psychology so that I could better integrate biblical truth into my therapeutic approach. I am committed to helping others find solutions, positive values, and hope upon which to build healthy, joy filled lives.”


Doctorate: Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Psychology, Pasadena, CA

M.A.: Master’s degree in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Theology


Clinical Specialties: Treatment of Adolescents, Short-Term Solutions Oriented Therapy, Religious Issues in Therapy, Family Therapy, Lifestyle Assessment, Marital Therapy, Family Therapy with Adolescents, Women’s Issues, Relationship issues, and, Parent Coaching.

Teaching, Guiding, and Leading with Love.

“I believe in leading and active life and being an active member of my local community. I participate in many community organizations, which give me great pleasure and also give me the opportunity to educate and positively interact with those with whom I live and work.”

Michelle works part time at Christ Clinic, a non-profit organization serving the medical and mental health needs of the uninsured. She also provides supportive care to the staff of Cup of Cool Water, a ministry serving many youth in Spokane who are homeless.


John J.H. Estelle, Ph. D.